Usage instructions Bust Size

The cream is very easy to use. It is enough to apply the cream on the breast skin, RUB and leave for 10 minutes. The cream instantly dries and leaves no residue on clothes.

The effect of the cream is achieved 2-3 weeks after beginning use.

Cream use morning and evening:

  1. Exercise 1

    The cream is applied on clean skin. First massaged the first breast until fully absorbed: 5-10 minutes. Repeat a few times.
  2. Exercise 2

    Then massaged the second breast. After that waiting until until the cream is dry.
  3. Exercise 3

    In conclusion, massaging both Breasts in a circular motion on the contour of the breast, ending at the bottom of where he started.
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The results of using Bust Size

Applying cream Bust Size approximately 3-4 weeks, you can immediately notice positive results. Without surgery Breasts begin to increase in size. The skin becomes more elastic, supple and pleasant to the touch. Reviews about the cream Bust Size show that all the small wrinkles and blemishes will gradually disappear. The girls say that in the first month the stretch marks on breast almost gone. Breasts are not hanging, again recovering the initial shape of the breast.

Reviews about the cream Bust Size show that the means for breast augmentation will help to achieve the 2-nd or 3-th size, even for smallest, 1-m bust size. After using the cream for only a month and a half breast is beginning to acquire a few centimeters. We need to continue to use the tool to achieve the desired size. For reviews of girls is seen that the tool helps after pregnancy. If you use 3 months cream Bust Size, the chest fully rise up and be unpleasant stretch marks.

Review of the cream Bust Size show that Breasts can be restored to the initial shape at any age. This applies to even the most sagging Breasts. Will delight every girl the price of the tool. Due to low cost, you can use it in regular care. After a month of normal use, the Breasts will be firmer, the skin will be resilient. On the second month of use will be stretching and will be fully restored form. A year of regular use, the bust will be like as a young man, attractive and fit.

Thanks to the reviews of the girls you can see that the cream is really effective. However, it must be applied daily for 2 times and the breast will quickly begin to grow. The skin after application of the composition will be pleasant to the touch. According to user reviews it is evident that the bust can get rid of wrinkles and stretch marks. Cream cope with unattractive brown spots on the skin. The chest is always in good shape thanks to the useful composition.

Indications for use Bust Size

Anyone who is unhappy with the size of their Breasts or their shape and elasticity. The cream does not interfere with the hormonal system and is suitable for all girls, regardless of age.

Contraindications to the use of Bust Size

Bust Size passed numerous tests in various clinics around the world and they all proved that side effects of the cream is there, he is safe.

But the Pueraria not recommended for pregnant women, and in inflammatory processes, tumors in the chest and not only. It is not recommended to apply the cream and girls up to 18 years.

When you cannot use Bust Size

The tool consists of only healthy and natural ingredients. Reviews of doctors about the cream Bust Size show that it has no dangerous side effects. However, there are situations when you need to temporarily refrain from using the cream. The vehicle is prohibited to use:

  1. If your chest is a strong wound or rash. The composition may suspend the healing process. In the event of a rash or cut, you will need to temporarily stop using the cream Bust Size and heal the wound. After that you can re-use the cream
  2. You cannot use Bust Size pregnant women. The fact that the cream Bust Size is not tested on a group of people, so the reaction in such a situation in the cream is unknown
  3. It is forbidden to use Bust Size to breast feeding period of the child. Through the skin the product gets into the milk. In infants there may be a strong Allergy that will lead to dangerous consequences
  4. Carefully apply powder during the period of hormonal drugs. In composition Bust Size is a hormone deoksimiroehstrol. It can react with the pill and cause side effects

The doctors said that we should not use Bust Size if you have an Allergy to rose oil, or on the root of Pueraria Mirifica. To test apply a small bending of the elbow. If after 15 minutes there is no redness or itching then you are allergic to the composition.